What is Football Fall River?

Football Fall River (F2R) is a site dedicated to bringing you the very best and most reliable stories about the beautiful game in New England. In total our staff has 74 years of blogging and football experience which makes us unparalleled to any other site.

Whats with the Name?

As most of you may know Fall River is not only the birthplace to soccer in New England but also the entire USA. Because of this it was a no brainer to name the site Football Fall River!

Who is Football Fall River?

To become a writer for F2R you must face a strict exam. All of our staff are top class in their respective fields and have a vast knowledge of the sport. Time now to meet the staff!

Randy Bluffman: Randy was born in Framingham Massachusetts and has been involved in soccer ever since he came out of his mothers womb. At the age of 14 Randy moved to England to train with his beloved club Millwall only to tear his achilles and never to be able to play the beautiful game again. Since then Randy has been a scout for the Barbados mens national team and an avid supporter of the New England Revolution. Randy is a valuable asset to the F2R staff and his inside sources make him the most reliable writer to New England football.

Paulo Ferreira: Paulo is a Portuguese footballer. Paulo started his career in the second division in Portugal but it was not until he moved to Porto that he became a household name. Paulo has since been playing for Chelsea FC in the Barclays Premiere league. Due to his lack of playing time in the recent years Paulo has had a lot of time to spare allowing F2R to snap him up as a freelance writer for the site. For those of you who do not know Paulo, he has won the Europa League, Champions League, Portuguese League, Barclays Premiere League, and the FA cup as well as many other championships. As you can see Paulo is a very valuable asset to the F2R site and we are confident he will win over his readers like he did the fans at Chelsea.

Jim Shorts: No Jim is not fake. He was born October 1982 in Pawtucket RI. Jim got his degree in athletic training from the Community College of Rhode Island before spending 26 years in the Central Falls school system. Due to the harsh economy Jim was recently laid off as the soccer coach for CF High which allowed F2R the great opportunity to snap up Jim as a writer. Jim has been a supporter of the Revolution since the beginning in 1996 and you can see him every home game sitting with the Midnight Riders in section 143.

Zachary Cloggs- Zachary is a rhodes scholar from Harvard University class of 1986. His hobbies include jumping long lengths, through ropes, under ropes, over ropes.  Anything involving ropes.  He practice Tai-kown-chi and is an 8th degree black belt. By far, the most consuming hobby he has is collecting pebbles and he is a 10 time National Pebble collecting champion. Zachary is originally from Idaho and moved to New England when he was 10 after been kicked out of his home for not wanting to be a potato farmer.

F2R will be adding more writers so make sure to check back regularly!

Football Fall River is always looking to add the best writers possible. If you think you can fill that requirement feel free to email us at footballfallriver@yahoo.com We will screen you to make sure you are real and are competent to write for F2R!


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