What it takes to beat a Union

The Locker Room with Jim Shorts

Sure if this was just your typical workers union it would be easy to just rise up and overthrow it. However this is the Philly Union, a soccer team that is currently doing extremely well… much better than the Rev’s could even dream about. But just because the Union are doing well it doesnt mean they are unbeatable. And today the Rev’s will beat the Union. But it wont be because the Rev’s are the superior team. Here’s the breakdown

A Revs loss means money has to be spent.

The wonderful COO for the revs promised 2 signings during this transfer window. However the outcome of the game today against the Union will determine the quality of players that will be brought in. The FO and Kraft want the team to win today because it means that they can sign players of Zak Boggs quality rather than signing more Feilhabers if the team lose.

With a win fans become less restless and begin to forget all that has happened. This is what the Krafts and the FO want. Lets face it spending money on real players will never happen. And they have also proved that getting good players cheep (Marko Perovic) is also something they do not want. I could go on for hours about this subject but I will keep it simple. Basically Kraft and the FO have paid off the Union to allow the Rev’s to win to keep their fans happy. Philly is pretty much guaranteed a playoff spot unless they fall apart during the second part of the season. We at F2R have it solid that the Union will be using the money for more statues of Rocky Balboa to place around the city.

The game today will end 1-0 Revs on a late dramatic winner from most likely Zak Boggs. Thus allowing the Rev’s to snap up low budget players for the bench and reserve team.

Supporters Group Protest

For those of you who do not know by now there is a protest brewing for the game tonight. Supporters plan to show their discontent with the ownership, FO, and Team Ops. I wont give anything away but I can tell you this. We talked to the COO of the Rev’s who told us “It doesn’t matter what they have planned, we already know for god sakes they created a facebook even its not like it was private. We plan on kicking them all out and having them arrested before they get to their seats.” Although the game is only being shown on CSN Kraft and the FO will not allow anyone to rebel against them and if they do they plan on making an example out of those people.

I went on to ask the COO why if they are trying to market to 18-35 year olds are they kicking them out and making them feel unwelcome. The response I got was “We are marketing towards 18-35 year olds. Right now however they are only 12 years old. We figure instead of marketing to actual 18-35 year olds we would get them when they are younger. It’s something that we started in 96 and so far it is working well so why change it?”

Revs x Union Wrap Up!

All in all you can expect the Revs to snatch a win and for there to be more arrests and season tickets revoked during the match tonight.

-Jim Shorts


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