Transfer Facts 7/17


Kenny Cooper- We talked to head coach Steve Nicol, Mike Burns, and Revs COO Brian Biello. They all told us the same thing. “Well he isnt really someone we are looking at. He is a complete forward which is not something we need right now. We are looking for someone 6’8” or taller who can really be utilized in the box. Unfortunately we found out that Andre the Giant died a while back so this has taken some time. As for Kenny we would like to wish him the best be he will not be seen in a Revs shirt because he is to well rounded.”

Katimbe (Kat) Epat- Kat has been playing his trade in the Malawi 4th division. He is a 24 year old forward who we are told is “wicked” fast. After some research we have found that Kat has scored an earth shattering 3 goals in 57 games, which in a league with out goals is the highest ever recorded. Kat is available for 5 dollars or 1 cow. We have it on good word that Kat will be playing for the Revs by the end of the transfer window.

Emmanuel Osei– With the Revs releasing Domi they are looking to pick up a veteran defender with experience in the MLS. We were told directly from Steve Nicol “He is exactly what we need, he wasnt what we needed last year but this year he is exactly what we need”



Zak Boggs- Zak has recently been touted as going to Man Utd and while United were playing the Revs at Gillette the interest only got higher. Its no shock that a workhorse player like Zak Boggs would be wanted by 5star teams. While United were playing the Revs, Zak single handily saved 2 goals. In an game that ended 4-1 it could have been an embarrassing 6-1 if it weren’t for Zak.  Zak’s asking price is thought to be around anything from 40-60million dollars. Although we are told that the Revs would part for anything above 50ok.

That is the latest transfer news as of July 17th 2011.

-Zachary Cloggs

Zachary Cloggs



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