Who needs left backs? Not the Revs!

Change We Can Believe In

So as I am sure many of our wicked smart readers might already know, the New England Revolution have announced yesterday that they have released Didier Domi from his contract.  The French left back was brought to New England in January of this year and while healthy he has been an admirable contributor to the New England back line.  However, in what might be one of the most controversial moves since Serbgate, the Revs now no longer have any natural left backs.

The move has raised a lot of New England fans eyebrows, but after a chance to speak with coach Nicol this writer’s fears were laid to rest.  Coach Nicol told me that the release of all the team’s left backs has been planned for a long time, and that the resources “wasted” on the left side of the field could be better used to reinforce the right flank.  He told me that a radical change in the on field formations would “confuse” MLS teams for “a couple or three weeks.”  When I pressed the coach if this was related to the oft rumored Designated Player, he told me “Probably not, it just gives a distraction to the fans while we sign a couple of young West Africans.”

Coach Nicol was able to give me some insights into the potential line up for this weekends tilt against Philadelphia, and what a ground breaking lineup this will be.  Nicol explained to me that in the much maligned 4-5-1 seen this year was simply created “because everyone does the 4-4-2”, but with that being said you can expect to see the modified 4-5-1 this Sunday.  Coach Nicol has his backline already laid out, and will feature Soares and Coria in central defense, with Alston and Barnes both featuring as right backs.  The left flank retreat is also evident in the new look Revs midfield, which will feature four central midfielders, and Nyassi making his devastating runs from the right flank.  Finally, fan favorite Psycho Rajko will be featured in the lone striker role.

I also had a chance to speak with Pitor Nowak, from fierce divisional foe the Philadelphia Union.  I asked him if he would like to comment on the revolutionary Revolution lineup.  “I just don’t know what I would …” he stated before breaking in to laughs.  He later explained that the Revolution are not the first team to feature this lineup, and that he saw this strategy employed in the Chester Indoor Soccer League’s second division side Bill’s Bar.  When pressed about the results he summed it up in three words “NOT GOOD … DOOP!”  At this time Mr. Nowak proceeded to abruptly leave the interview.

Finally, back in New England as the dust begins to settle on Frenchgate, we here at Football Fall River find that once again we are always right and that I…, I BELIEVE…, I BELIEVE THAT WE…, I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL GET THAT FIRST DRAFT PICK!

Forever yours in football … truly, … madly, … deeply,


Paulo Ferreira. F2R staff writer


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