Communism takes a point on Independence Day (Randy’s Riders 7/5)

The rev’s ended up taking an early two goal lead on independence day only to watch it all slip away and tie the game 3-3. I did say the Rev’s were going to take the game 1776-0 but failed to realize some key things that led to yet another tie. So here are the reasons why New England failed to win yet another game .

Communism- If you read my previous post you know that i said if Real managed to take points away from this game it means they are just a communist team. Turns out the group led by Kyle Beckerman contains the most un american and un patriotic men in the USA. Because of this I ask everyone who lives in this great country to join us in signing a petition to get their players kicked out of the USA.

Karl Marx?

You can sign the petition here

Front Office Shenanigans- The Fans know the Rev’s FO hates them and now its trickled down to the players. The Rev’s players could hear “you suck asshole” chants coming from the RSL supporters. This made the players really feel for their own supporters and they wanted to back their own fans by tieing the game to prove a point to the FO that if the RSL supporters can chant obscenities and Rev’s fans cant then they will refuse to win.

Casey Anthony Trial- We at F2R have it on good notice that the Rev’s players found out that Casey Anthony was not guilty at half time of the RSL game. Yes this is an entire day early but because the Rev’s players are such huge superstars they were let in on the decision early. This obviously caused friction between the players with some believing the jury was completely wrong in their decision to find Casey not guilty. While others believed that the duck tape didn’t fit and therefore there was no way she could be guilty.

Silver lining- There is still obviously good news despite all of this. First we got to see more than just one goal scored by the Rev’s which means two things. 1st the team is getting to find its scoring niche again and 2 because of this they will not sign a DP this transfer window. Second a new hash tag was born #leaveboggsoutkeepwinsin It’s pretty genius considering the Rev’s were winning until Zak Boggs yet again blew the game. Finally we learned that the Rev’s can play a decent game when up by one man. Which means the Rev’s need to find a way to get a player from the opposing team kicked out at the beginning of each match.

Things to look forward to- The Rev’s are getting their act together which means they will have the most amazing tieing record by the end of the season. Lekic is getting less upset with each goal which hopefully means he will begin to score these “wonder goals” that are floating around youtube. Finally Benny is looking prettier with each passing day. For the Rev’s this means a prettier face will lead to prettier passes and assists for goals. It also means more jerseys sold to young women from 13-24.

I may have gotten my goal prediction wrong but that was only because RSL are an anti american team. You can guarantee the Rev’s will look to destroy their next opponent to prove a statement.

Yours Truly,

Randy Bluffman


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